Roof Care

Regular inspection and maintenance of you roof is imperative to reduce the likelihood of premature leaks. On daily basis your roof is exposed to the elements such as sunlight, rain, hail and wind, this gradually breaks down the roofing materials.

However with proper maintenance and care the service life of the roof can be maximized and leaks can be prevented.

Please note if you cannot do inspection of your roof due to Health and Safety reasons, use a reputable and competent roofing contractor, this will save you money in the long run.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Always ensure that the gutter, valleys, flashings and outlets are kept clean at all times. This is a common problem on roofs where blockages cause leaks.

Tile Roofs

Replace broken roof tiles, DO NOT waterproof over tiles, check, replace and waterproof any damaged or cracked ridge cement.

All rotten timber on the side of the roof needs to be replaced.

Missing fascia boards need to be replaced to ensure roof timber from rotting.


Iron Roofs

Check for rusted areas, with surface rust, sand down, treat and paint to protect the roof sheets.

Where sheets are rusted through, the sheets need to be replaced. DO NOT waterproof over badly rusted sheets.

Check waterproofing on side laps.

Check if there are any loose roof screws in the event of their being loose screws replace and waterproof.

Slate Roof

Check for missing or broken slate tiles, replace any broken tiles with new slate, DO NOT waterproof over broken or missing slate.

On low pitch slate roof check if the underlayer is still in-tact, rotten underlay will cause severe leaks, if the underlay is rotten replace with new underlay. DO NOT waterproof over slates.

Please note this roof must be maintained by a slate roof specialist.

Flat Concrete Roofs

Check if any of the waterproofing side laps are loose.

Check visible cracks in waterproofing.

Check if outlets are open to ensure proper drainage.

If the torch-on is badly cracked and perished due to age, the system needs to be replaced, do not waterproof over any damaged waterproofing.

Note this waterproofing system needs to be done by a competent contractor.